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Facts About System Built Homes

When building a home, consumers might hear the term System Built Homes.  This term encompasses the industry of factory-built homes also known as modular homes, manufactured, or HUD Code homes.  This does not apply to the term Mobile Homes.  The term Mobile Homes is often used interchangeably with the term System Built Homes; however they mean quite different things. Mobile Homes refer to homes built prior to 1976.  


The Government HUD code building standards for factory-built homes were instituted in 1976, therefore ending the type of construction used for Mobile Homes. Homes built after 1976 are no longer referred to as Mobile Homes.  And by developing advanced quality and safety standards, System Built Housing was created.


Each homeowner wants their home to reflect who they are in every aspect, from the design and layout, to the color and material of the counterparts.  System Built Homes are designed according to each homeowner's unique character.  By offering a diverse array of features, individuality is achieved.


It is important to understand the advantages of System Built Construction and the different types of System Built Homes that are available.  


This construction should be considered as a comparable substitute to traditional site-building and not as a lesser alternative.

Advantages of System Built Homes

  • Constructed with 20% - 30% more materials than traditional site-built homes.

  • All aspects of construction are continually inspected by not one, but several inspectors.

  • Primary construction is completed in a quality controlled environment.

  • All construction materials, interior features, and appliances are purchased in volume for additional savings.

  • System Built Homes can come with all the features found in traditional site-built homes, giving the buyer the opportunity to design a custom home.

  • The construction process consists of technicians, craftsmen, and assemblers who work only in their specific area of expertise.

  • Inventory is better controlled and materials are protected from theft and weather-related damage.

  • Weather has far less interference with construction, thus preventing costly delays.

  • Cost of a short-term construction loan is significantly reduced or eliminated.

  • Conventional fixed-rate mortgage financing is available for home buyers.


Also known as Mobile, Sectional, Doublewide, Manufactured Homes, and Trailers

  • Will have a title

  • Will have a steel beam under the home

  • Home placement may be subject to zoning restrictions

  • Depending on area or the lender, buyer may receive privilege tax
    (County Mobile Home Tax)

  • Built to the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards
    a.k.a. HUD Code (Housing & Urban Development)

  • Will most likely be appraised as a Sectional, Doublewide, or Manufactured Home

  • Home can have a vinyl perimeter enclosure (skirting), block wall, poured concrete crawlspace or basement foundation



Also known as Modular, Factory Stick Built, Actual Construction, and True Modular


  • No title

  • Steel frame carriers are used only for transport and are removed when home is permanently placed on foundation

  • Home is constructed on a standard floor joint system

  • Home is placed on a permanent concrete foundation such as a basement or crawl space

  • Considered the same as site-built homes for zoning and financing purposes as well as value appreciation

  • May be subject to traditional real estate taxes

  • Built using the same materials found in traditional site-built homes and meet or exceed state or local building codes

  • Appraised as a traditional site-built home


Many of the floor plans offered at Effingham Homes can be built
to the Federal HUD Code as well as Illinois State Code



We work with area lenders and mortgage companies to assist you with financial requests.


Needing a Home Moved?

We can transport your home!

Our experienced crew can transport sectionals and singlewides. All home     moves are overseen by our owner       Steve Thoele.



Make a list of:

  • Must Haves

  • Would Be Nice

  • Don't Want



  • Budget

  • Financing

  • Timeframe


Contact Effingham Homes, we will help you with the process!

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