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Additional Services

Getting Started


Effingham Homes is devoted to providing you with the best value, best service, and the highest quality available. Our professionally trained staff understands what it takes to build an affordable and superior home. In addition to our model display homes, we offer numerous floor plans that that can be tailored to your family's unique character.


What to Expect

At Effingham Homes we perform a variety of services for our customers regarding completion of their home. We utilize only experienced and reliable contractors for on-site work to ensure the work is done with the level of excellence you expect from Effingham Homes.



There are many options when choosing a foundation. We offer a footing with a block perimeter, a poured concrete wall crawlspace as well as basements. No matter which foundation you choose, each one is completed with great superiority by our quality contractors and brick masons.


Utility Hook-Ups

We can offer contractors for utility work, such as; septic installation, water hook ups and electrical hookups at the home site.


HVAC-Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Our specialized crew professionally installs and services central air. We can also contract energy-efficient heat pumps on furnaces or geothermal systems.


Drywall Finish

When a home is purchased with primer paint interior, our experienced crew finishes all drywall and touchups after home setup. We even offer touch-ups on any cracks within 1 year of the closing of your home.


Additional Services

Effingham Homes also offers a wide range of additional services to complete the construction process.


We can provide general contractors for:

  • Geothermal Heating & Cooling

  • Heat Pump

  • Garages

  • Porch Construction

  • Decks

  • Patios

  • Wells

  • Septic

  • Masonry or Brick Work

  • Site preparation and Inspection

  • Grading and Seeding

  • Landscaping

  • Driveways

  • Sidewalks


A popular term for all of these services is "turn-key". This reduces the stress of searching for a variety of contractors. All of our recommended contractors discuss all of the specifications directly with the homebuyer.

Our average construction time is between 6 and 10 weeks. This timeframe will vary based on: the style of the home, size of the project, type of foundation, as well as scheduling and weather. These are all major factors in the construction process. Long term construction generally consists of turn-key projects that may include porches, decks, or garages. This may lengthen the construction time, but is still significantly less than traditional site-built methods.


When it comes to building your home, the most challenging part is choosing a floor plan. There are so many floor plans and options available that this can become quite a task. That is exactly why you have us. The building consultants at Effingham Homes are here to help evaluate which home fits your needs the best, as well as offer the best value in your home. We can suggest available options so you can choose what suits you. We have display homes at our sales center for you to walk through. These homes help you to visualize what you may want in your home. Generally, no two homes are alike because of the abundant amount of options available. Also, if you do find your dream home at our sales center, you can purchase it directly or order a home just like it. At Effingham Homes, we strive for nothing more than providing you a supreme quality home that is tailored to your needs. In order to make the process easier, please review this list of suggested considerations to help your home search.


  • What size home and floor plan do you want or need?

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want or need?

  • How do you want the exterior of your home to look?

  • What custom options and features are available?

  • What appliance packages are available?

  • What don't you want?


One of the most common customer concerns seems to be that they don't want their home to look like a rectangular box. This is also a common misconception regarding system built homes vs. traditional construction. This "box" look is easily avoidable. The designs of a traditional ranch style home and a system built home are generally the same. The major difference is that when a person builds a traditional ranch style home on site, they commonly attach a garage and/or a porch. By doing this to your home, the "box" look is eliminated. We provide these amenities to all of our customers through general contractors in our area. If you have a contractor you would rather use, then we will provide all of the necessary information. Another option to avoiding the "box" look is choosing a home that consists of more than two sections. These homes offer an even more dimensional exterior. We also offer two story homes and Cape Cod (a.k.a. 1 1/2 story) style homes.

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